Bad Things Happened Here.
Bunny Boy Selfie
Man In A Dark Place.
Lonely Boys Club.
A Bad Dream (with no escape).
Cemetery Attendant, Tanger-Tetouan, Morocco.
Three Chickens.
Gone Again.
The Rabbit Is Ascending.
Black Dog
Feeding Time.
Blue Bunny
Nothing Remains.
The Resting Place.
Some Days (Sunflower).
Mary Bell Will Get You.
Man In A Room With Boxes.
The Crying Room
Lonely Boys Club #4
Bad Head.
Behind The Bookcase.
The Interviewer.
Hold My Hand (After The Operation)
Face In A Jar.
Stop Us Thinking All The Time (Bread Head Dies).
Fear Of Everything.
Pig Man Waits.
The Woods In Our Dreams Are Dark.
Lightbulb In A Room.
Helping Hand
Down Here.
Floating To The Surface.
The Blue Room

“We always take our cameras with us even into our dreams”


“we are trying to remember what it is we are trying to remember”

"We like making little films. It is how we make our pictures move about on the TV."

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It's not what you look at, it's what you see