Stash Puppets are two people who have worked privately and quietly on their art for over 25 years.

The world of Stash Puppets is a strange, melancholic and often unsettling one. However their understanding and contemplation of this world is underpinned with a skewed sense of humour that mirrors their fascination with the unreality of the moment.

Their work is both a coping strategy and an oblique discourse on living with Asperger’s syndrome, depression, phobic disorders and social exclusion. They are outsiders in the true sense of the word.

Together they found a singular identity and distilled their obsessions to produce work which deconstructs and reflects their dreamscapes and ways of seeing. This presents the viewer with a challenging narrative that is often disconcerting and provocative.

The sensory overload of being in the outside world is a queasy and often surreal experience for them. Stash Puppets regard their cameras as talismanic shields enabling them to feel safe outside their home.

Through their photography, lithographs, film and mixed media work they confront their agoraphobia, awkwardness and anxiety in an attempt to capture the world as it appears to them.


The mundane can seem extraordinary and things that would escape most people’s attention become scary, mysterious and absurd when refracted through their lens.   

Through their exploration of modern day artifice and their identification with those on margins of our culture they present a body of work that is neither concerned with academic practise nor limited by a desire to connect with the established world of fine art.

Indeed they don’t even think of their work as ‘art’, it is simply something they need to do and the things they make are the end result of their therapeutic endeavours.

Thank you for visiting their world.


Stash Puppets will be offering special editions of their work for sale online. These will include signed & numbered lithographs, archival prints and limited edition books of their art. There will also be an opportunity to view and buy one-off items.

It's not what you look at, it's what you see