There is magic in the air in Dungeness.


We first went to Dungeness to see the garden created by Derek Jarman. His tiny cottage looks like the little house that gets swept away by the twister in The Wizard of Oz. He once said the nuclear power station reminded him of the Emerald City.


The light is amazing when the sun shines. It is like living inside a light therapy box for Seasonal Affective Disorder.


There is a short path opposite Prospect Cottage leading to the sea. We realised this must have been Mr Jarman’s view as he sat at his table in the window. Along the path are a rusty tin shed and an old fisherman’s hut. Their colours in the sunlight were like ones that only exist in a dream. We tried to capture the colours on film. We collected lucky stones, bone-white driftwood and found a luminous spike of rusty metal. But when we got them home their colours had changed and the magic was gone.


So made some small square paintings to try and capture the colours of Dungeness but they seemed dull and sludgy when the paints dried. We cut up the photographs of the shed and the fisherman’s hut and made collages of them. Then we enhanced the colours using some old inks and dyes.

We took a lot of photographs of The Garden through the seasons on our runs out to Dungeness but somehow it was the rusty old shed that stayed with us. It has featured in a lot of our work and recently appeared in a little film we made.


The lady saw the prints we had made out of our photographs of Dungeness. She really liked them and we think they made her happy.


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