Artist's Statement


The lady helped us write something called an ‘artist’s statement’ but it didn’t seem to be about us at all. We think she was annoyed that we didn’t want to use it but she said it was our decision. She then said it was probably best if we wrote something in our own words. She told us to write down why we make things and how we view life. This is what we wrote…


Things that are supposed to be real don’t always feel real to us. If we stare at something for long enough it can cease to be real.


If we think about things too much we get sad. The more we think about something the less we understand about it. Our real knowledge comes from unlearning about things.


We feel safe inside the house making things. Sometimes everything seems really frightening and hollow outside. People seem greedy, tell lies and are often cruel. Bad things happen and no one notices.


When someone stands next to us they often seem really far away.


Making things helps us, along with our medication of course.



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