The lady said to us that she liked the things we make and that we should show them to other people. The lady actually said she liked “the art” we make. We didn’t say anything. We felt a bit awkward.


So she started calling it “The Work”. We nodded and smiled a lot but we said we don’t want to be on show ourselves because it is too scary. She told us not to worry and that everything would be alright.


We've made all sorts of things for a very long time. We tend to make the same things over and over again. Making things helps us. We mainly make pictures with cameras but we've also used paints, pens and crayons. We've made little films and recorded music and made figures out of clay with pointy noses and big eyes.


The lady says there is “a market” for the things we make. Anyway we signed the piece of paper that the lady showed us and here we are.


Thank you.



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